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Home Harmony Timer Relays

Harmony Timer Relays


  • Compliant with international standards and certifications IEC 61812-1, EN 61812-1 UL, CSA, GL, RCM, EAC, CCC, China ROHS
  • Wide power supply range from 24 to 240 V
  • Single or multiple functions
  • Single or multi timing ranges from 0.02s to 999 hrs
  • Screw or spring connection terminals
  • Relay or Solid-state output
  • Diagnostic button and dial pointer LED indicator
  • Module DIN rail mount, miniature plug-in and panel mount


  • Simple, fast, and easy to set up thanks to accurate adjustments and legible wiring diagrams
  • Innovative: Dial pointer LED indicator and “Diagnostic Button” to assist commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Flexible, compact and high performing solution thanks to a wide choice of outputs and either screw or spring connection terminals
  • Easy to implement: embedded QR code to the instruction sheet
  • Energy efficient and reliable


  • Machines : single machine, and industrial automation and processes
  • Buildings : lighting control, access control door looks, roller shutters
  • Water segment : pumping and irrigation systems
  • HVAC : fans and centralized water system

Harmony Timer Relays