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Harmony Control Relays


  • Compliant with international standards EN60255-1, IEC60255-1
  • Wide monitoring parameters: phase, current, voltage, liquid level, frequency, speed, temperature and pump control.
  • DIN rail mount with 3 form factors: 17.5mm, 22.5mm and 35mm width
  • Self-powered available for 3 phase range, wiring saving
  • Single or Multifunction available
  • Positive logic output to protect the system at power lose
  • Adjustable time delay to prevent nuisance tripping
  • True RMS value measurement (even on deformed sinus waves)


  • Simple and accurate adjustments to achieve quick setup.
  • Innovative: dial pointer LED indicator and” Diagnostic Button” to assist commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Easy setting: QR code on the product to download instruction sheet
  • Robust performance and accurate monitoring


  • Hoisting: construction cranes, Harbor
  • Packaging: Motor voltage, current over load
  • Lifts: construction lifts, passenger lifts, escalators
  • Textile: motor voltage, current overload
  • Water: liquid level at WWW recycling plant on water tank

Harmony Control Relays