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Osisense XUW – Which operating system is compatible with software of the XUW vision sensor?

Published date: 25 January 2018


XUW vision sensor requires one of the following operating systems to be present on the terminal:
– Windows 2000 Edition® SP4
– Windows XP Professional Edition® SP2
– Windows Vista Business Edition® 32 bits
– Windows 7 Professional Edition® 32 and 64 bits systemIn january 2017, we tested it on Windows 10 Family version 1607 64 bits system. It operates correctly in such system.

The following are required before installing XUW software:
– Internet Explorer V6.0 or later
– NET 4.0 Framework, SP2
– Windows Installer V3.1 or later
– Visual C++ 2008 Runtime

OsiSense XUW