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Electronic pressure sensors for control circuit
Pressure transmitters and pressure switches are characterised by their ceramic pressure measuring cell for controlling air, fresh water, sea water, hydraulic oils, corrosive fluids

  • -1 to 400 bars (-14.4 to 5800 psi), without adjustment XML-G range
  • -1 to 600 bars (-14.4 to 870 psi), with simple adjustment XML-E range
    with user-friendly configuration and adjustment XML-F range

Electromechanical Pressure and Vacuum switches for control circuit 
For controlling air, fresh water, sea water, hydraulic oils, corrosive fluids and viscous products

  • -1 to 500 bars (-14.5 to 7250 psi)
    with fixed differential* XMLA range
    with adjustable differential* XMLB , XMLC range
    with 2 stages with fixed differential at each threshold XMLD range

Dedicated to air and water
up to 25 bars (362.5 psi) with adjustable differential* XMX and XMA range

Electromechanical Pressure switches for power circuit
For controlling water,and/or air up to 25 bars
FTG fixed differential*
FSG, FSG 2NE, FYG and XMP adjustable differential*

*fixed differential: detection of a single threshold
*adjustable differential: regulation between 2 thresholds


One of the most comprehensive catalogues of industrial and power pressure sensors on the market, including a user-friendly electronic transmitter sensor which can be configured in complete simplicity, with unrivalled  flexibility of modification during operation.


Pressure control or monitoring on water pumps, compressors,  moulding presses, injection moulders, grinding machines, machining centres, etc

OsiSense XM Electronic Sensor
OsiSense XM Electromechanical Sensor