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Harmony iPC and Edge Box provides solutions to IIoT and automation applications that need to run on Windows or Linux operating systems in industrial environments. They are a comprehensive range of intuitive Harmony Edge Box and industrial PCs for improved productivity to enhance operator experience:

  • Harmony Edge Box: Magelis HMIBSC/HMIBMI/HMIBMO can be used for IIoT at the edge of EcoStruxure for direct connection to Cloud applications (running Node-RED to wire from OT to IT) with enhanced cybersecurity by design.
  • Harmony  HMIBM Modular Box PC cater to some of the most demanding field applications running on a Windows operating system platform. They make the complete Panel PC when mounted with Harmony HMIDM Modular Displays. Depending on the model, they are conformal coated, and cULus certified for industrial control, hazardous location and marine. They can run also Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for cybersecured hardware encryption.
  • Harmony HMIDM Modular Displays are the companion of Harmony HMIBM Modular Box PCs. They can be directly mounted on to the Box PC or remotely via cables. They afford 4:3 resistive format for use with heavy gloves and Wide multi-touch screen to navigate as a smart phone or tablet. With Harmony HMIDAD Display Adapter, the Harmony Modular Display can be used as remote displays with cables up to 5m, or in daisy chain configuration up to 4 screens up to 100m each.
  • Harmony HMIDID iDisplays are robust monitors with an excellent screen size/dimensions ratio and can be used in conjunction with industrial PCs.
  • Harmony HMIPS S-Panel PCs are simple and compact all-in-one hardware.
  • Harmony HMIR Rack PCs to run in control rooms, offer a one-stop shop for a complete plant solution.



Harmony iPC and Edge Box allows a smart design and engineering by automation experts, thanks to:

  • a configurable hardware making millions of possible combinationsVersatile Edge Control software
  • their open operating system versatile to any Edge control software (HMI, EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert, engineering and maintenance tools, thin clients, IT/OT connections, etc.)

Harmony iPC and Edge Box meet requirements for end to end Cybersecurity. They are ISA/IEC-62443 approved, even for remote connections with EcoStruxure Secure Connect Advisor.

Harmony iPC and Edge Box leverage assets performance, offering:

  • IIoT wiring with Node-RED, for shared operational data with IT and Cloud applications, Analytics for business enablers and Secondary sensing connection
  • an Industrial design with no rotating parts, 0-55°C/32-131 °F operating temperature, industrial certifications including hazardous locations and marine, conformal coating, UPS, 11+ years of availability and 4 years of repair service.


Harmony iPC and Edge Box suits the following applications:

  • Digital Plants and infrastructures operations
  • Performance and repetitives machines

Harmony iPC