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WEG, a global company founded in 1961, is considered as the world’s leading efficient electric motors, automation, power transmission, renewable energy technologies, solar power, biomass and wind power, energy distribution equipments, industrial coating and varnish manufacturer. WEG has production plants in 12 countries and activates in more than 100 countries, as well offers service in many industrial areas such as petroleum and gas, mining, infrastructure, steel, paper-mache and paper, renewable energy, etc. Having more than 29.000 employees, the net revenue of WEG reached to 3 billion dollars in 2017.

Main products

  • Electronic components
  • Industrial and building automation
  • Low and high voltage generators and electric motors
  • Transformer and transformer stations
  • Repairing services, electrical machine and transformer repair and renewal
  • Liquid and powder paints
  • Industrial non-conductive varnishes
  • Hydroelectrical turbines
  • Wind turbines