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Sector: OEM SI
Es Otomasyon has been founded in 2011 to add a positive value to the sector and to meet the requirements of the sector with the best service quality. Concerning the machine and automation systems, Es Otomasyon offers service in the fields of PLC controlled machine automation, scada systems, servo motor applications, test machines and assembly machines. Through the experience of the technical personnel, plays an effective role in the realization of all challenging and complex automation projects.
Continuing its activities in the sector, Es Otomasyon is in cooperation with Botek since its foundation and this cooperation is continued by being strengthened in each day.
Es Otomasyon cooperates with BOTEK for automation solutions that pay importance to application specific motion control, servo driver and PLC, etc. products related stock and deadline and for applications such as hole catching with flying shear, rotary shear, delta robot, etc.
The principle of working without being dependent on another company for the installation of the systems, projecting, assembly, software and technical support ensures being an independent solution provider and more constructive in terms of the requirements of the customers.
Es Otomasyon keeps the occupational safety in the first priority and according to the requirements and expectations of the technically informed and experienced personnel and customers, continues its activities with the mission of creating good quality, optimum cost, effective solutions.

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