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Our Values

Our basic values are fixed and cannot be changed. These form the “core” of Botek. These values strengthen our unity and solidarity, ensure our stability and allow the realization of
our growth strategy. We believe that we will progress and be successful by taking the power from the values we own.

Ethics and Honesty

We are loyal to the ethic and honesty standards. We are accountable to our customers, Botek employees, our community and sectors that we offer service throughout Turkey.


We make an effort to determine the most critical requirements of the
consumers and customers, and we develop ourself with continuous innovation approach to meet these requirements.

Diversity and Teamwork

Our success is connected to the honesty, knowledge, imagination, ability, diversity and teamwork of our employees. For this purpose, we work to create an environment that include mutual respect, encouraging and teamwork.

We act with the principles that we gather together under our values topic and show us the way in all of our activities.  Our values direct the cooperation manner and relations of our teams, as well as our customer services and relations with our partners.

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