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Our Industrial Automation Solutions

It takes automation systems out of standard by offering economical and flexible solutions.

Botek, which has turned its work with machine manufacturers in industrial automation systems into a kind of business partnership, has become the choice of machine manufacturers with the value it adds to its work. Thanks to its knowledge, experience and experience, it also contributes to the hardware development of systems, and makes a difference in automation systems with the equipment and devices it uses.

Services provided on automation systems;

-Discovery and projecting
-Programming and commissioning
-Technical support

“The first rule of technology used in any business is that automation applied to an efficient process will increase efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient process will magnify inefficiency.” Bill Gates


metal çalışma yüzeyi

Metal Processing

  • Sheet Sliding Machine Automation
  • Rollform Machine Automation
  • Flying Shears Application
  • Tooth Extraction Automation
  • Part Processing Lines
  • Press, Hydraulic Press Automation
  • Servo System Drill Application
  • Wiring Machine Automation


  • Fabric Printing Machine Automation
  • Inner Coiling and Fabric Taking Up Application
  • Fabric Quantity Application
  • Winding and Twisting Machine Automation
  • Narrow Woven Machine Automation
  • Fabric Transfer Printing Machine Automation

Plastic and Packaging

  • Flying Shears Application
  • Extruder Machine
  • PVC Mixer Machines
  • Feeding and Dosing Systems Automation
  • PVC Profile Processing Systems

Wood Working

  • Sizing Application
  • Edge Banding Machine
  • Reclining Circle Machine


  • Energy Efficiency (energy efficiency with joint DC bar solutions for cranes with high tonnage and position sensitivity)
  • Crane Anti-Oscillation Software – Macro
  • Crane Remote Control Applications (pendant or wireless solutions)
  • Crane Mechanic Load Limiters
  • Crane Over Load Indicator and Loadceller
  • Crane Limit Switches and Visual Lighted Sirens
  • Crane Process w/o Operator Industry 4.0 (performing loading at required tonnage through loadcells to the predefined charging and discharging zones independent from operator and providing   feedback to level-1 automation system)
  • Crane Anti-Collision System


  • Special Transfer Robot
  • Robotic Applications
  • Transportation Systems


  • Marble and Granite Cutting
  • Slim Machine
  • Shredder Machine
  • Plate Wiping Machine
  • Heading Machine
  • Triming (multiple sizing)
  • Bridge Cutting (plate sizing)
  • S/T Machine (block cutting machine)
  • Tile Polish
  • Vacuum Carriers
  • Honalma (surface aging machines)
  • Epoxy Furnaces
  • Marble / Granite Carrier Systems
  • Bridge Cutting (block sizing)
  • Mountain Cutting (rail block cutting machine)
  • Angle Counter (with diamond wire 180 degree pulley moving)
  • Ramp Counting (diamond wire fixed motion)
  • Mobile Drilling
  • Chain Arm Cutter Groups

Food Packaging

  • Horizontal Packaging and Vertical Packaging Machine Automation
  • Autoclave and Machine
  • Dosage and Transmission Process
  • Box Packaging
  • Biscuit Line Automation
  • Wet Wipes Packaging Line Automation
  • Flowpack Applications