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Sector: Wood Working
Started working in Bursa in 1997, Ayza Mızrak adopted offering machines, which are required by the sector, in a serial and good quality manner to the customers by following the innovations as principle. Performs the production of reclining circle machine with plotter, edge banding machine, sizing machine, CNC Router, door handle unlocking machine, hot and cold press.
Activating with the vision of being a leader in the sector, an example in the services and to maintain the success of being the first preference of the customer, Ayza Mızrak strengthen its engineering activities by cooperating with Botek by means of the systemic product stocks and provided quick and robust technical support.  Develops itself continuously by closely following the Industry 4.0 developments. Cooperates with Botek for remote connection to PLC via Ethernet, error tracking and screen interference from mobile devices, etc. Industry 4.0 automation solutions.
Ayza Mızrak closely follows the technologic developments and is one of the leading companies in the application of these technologies in our country.
Ayza Mızrak is one of the important facilities of Europe with its growing machine park and the used new technologies. Increases its export in every day with increasing advanced technology investments.

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