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Sector: Packaging and Metal Processing
Ages Otomasyon was founded in 2008 to offer service in the field of automation and industrial electric, and as of its foundation, generates solutions to all automation and industrial electric problems of Bursa automotive by-industry, food machines, glass sector, treatment facilities and machine manufacturers.
Ages Otomasyon cooperates with Botek in different fields. Cooperates with Botek since it accommodates many brand inside and offers robust technical support and service at important points of Turkey for these brands. Furthermore, develops new products with the training and technical supports provided as a result of the cooperation with Botek. Servo Press is one of these products. Concerning the services offered to Packaging and Metal Processing sector, Ages Otomasyon preferred Botek privilege in automation solutions such as packaging machine LMC058 motion PLC software, servo systems, CAM control, etc. This cooperation continues for 4 years.
With its technically trained and experienced personnel, generates good quality, optimum cost, effective solutions according to the requirements and expectations of its customers.
Through its activities continuing for 9 years, Ages Otomasyon affixed its signature under many projects being successfully completed within and out of the country.

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