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Altivar Machine ATV340


Designed for optimized installation, the Altivar Machine ATV340 drive offers cutting edge application control and advanced, easy to integrate automation capabilities. Its innovative features make it the drive of choice for OEMs entering – and rising to the challenges of – the smart machine era. The Altivar Machine ATV340 variable speed drives offer top level automation capabilities and outstanding motor control technology combined with simplicity. Altivar Machine ATV340 was engineered to maximize machine performance, reduce machine build time and sustain machine productivity.


Superior machine performancePowerful dynamism and scalability
The Altivar Machine 340 is a powerful drive that aims to match your machine’s motor capabilities with maximum torque and speed performance. With an optimized speed bandwidth up to 400 Hz, the Altivar Machine 340 is designed for dynamic applications that may require faster acceleration or settling time.The Altivar Machine 340 frequency inverters are very robust for high overloads, adaptable to the needs of demanding applications up to 220% nominal torque.
To meet the adaptability and the scalability your machine requires, Altivar Machine 340 is compatible with a wide range of motors such as asynchronous (IE2, IE3); synchronous; reluctance motors (IE4, IE5) for various applications in closed; and open loop. Unprecedented automation performance
The Altivar Machine 340 will bring your machine to the next level of automation reaction time. Its real-time capabilities achieve the best possible machine control. The combination of ATV340 minimum application reaction time (1ms task cycle) and Ethernet connectivity in real-time, maximize your machine throughput.

Reduced machine design timeThe Altivar Machine 340 will help you reduce your engineering time at every stage of the process so your machine is up and running sooner.
Simplified machine engineering
The Altivar Machine 340 accommodates numerous functions and features to simplify the machine design and reduces the engineering time from selection to commissioning.

Enriched variety of interfaces, numerous I/Os, Multi Ethernet protocol, PTI/PTO, embedded encoder as well as multiple option interfaces offers maximum flexibility in architecture design
Simple master slave configuration, positioning mode, integrated application functions facilitate and fulfill application performance for hoisting, material handling, material working and packaging machines. Seamless automation integration
Ready-to-use MachineStruxure application libraries that are Tested Validated and Documented (TVDA), combined with Ethernet services available in Altivar Machine 340 will facilitate your machine design and help you significantly reduce design time.

The ONE button auto-tuning for motor identification gives users the possibility to replicate the complete project in a fast and seamless manner ensuring maximum productivity in machine commissioning and production.
Sustained machine operationRobust design for long-lasting operation and reliable service
Altivar Machine 340 has been designed to fulfil application requirements for harsh environments, such as vibration, shock and non-conductive dust and where high temperature resistance up to 60°C is needed.

Compliant with IEC60721-3-3 Class 3C3 and 3S3 Protect people and assets while ensuring continuity of service
The Altivar Machine 340 is compliant with machine safety and cybersecurity standards to ensure enduring protection of your people and assets

Compliant with machine-related safety standards EN ISO 13849-1 and EN-62061
Achilles level 2 certification against cyber attacks Fast machine recovery
The Altivar Machine 340 keeps your machine up and running with minimal downtime due to features that include:

Faulty Device Replacement (FDR) service with the MachineStruxure architecture in place, device replacement takes only two simple steps by the service technician. Easy device replacement, thanks to pluggable connectors, mounting a new drive takes less than three minutes and drive configuration is automatically downloaded from the PLC.
Data logging and monitoring through the local system or remote monitoring via the embedded web server ensure users have access to any motor or application-relevant data anytime, anywhere. This information can be used for predictive maintenance and to avoid breakdowns.


High performance application requirement and superior automation capabilities for

Material Working,
Material Handling,
Hoisting machine segments.

Altivar Machine ATV340